Holiday Collection Date!!

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We are part way spooky season and you know what that means...the holidays are coming! I've been working hard, curating if you will, a fabulous holiday and Christmas collection.

In this collection you'll find sassy holiday prints, plaids, holiday movie quote prints, Christmas themed, winter themed, and Hanukkah bandanas and bow ties. 

I've decided this collection will drop on 10/23 at 3pm PST

I know what your thinking..."Jessica, slow your role with the Christmas stuff intruding on Halloween and Autumn". But, this is actually what I do every year...I find that releasing Holiday stuff as early as possible works best since all items are made by me and me only and processing time can increase up to 2-3 weeks once I release this collection. This extra time gives everyone a chance to get their holiday items in time for the season. 

Another reason for the early release is the USPS has announced an intentional slowdown of first class mail. Since this is the most popular and economical shipping it is good to order early to ensure you receive your items in time.

Sneak peeks will start by 10/15 on our instagram and facebook so be sure to give us a follow on either to keep updated.

Until then, stay spooky and be sure to check out our 30% off sale on our Halloween and Autumn collections!

Our best,

Jessica + Miss Ellie

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