What's with all the sass?!

sassy sassy story

You may wonder where all these sassy prints came from. Although AEC started as primarily featuring Hawaiian and tropical prints (which we still do!), it kind of came by unintentionally that I started having all these sassy themed bandanas and bow ties.

Last fall I found some fabric from a designer on Spoonflower. This particular fabric was all pretty and pink with "Fuck this shit" written all over it in fun cursive writing. I had never seen fabric like this and thought it was the funniest thing ever. So I bought a yard and intended to make masks for myself and my friends. I had never considered making bandanas with this fabric or other sassy prints...I was afraid it would offend people.

I ended up showing this print to the instagram models team and then my instagram stories and was overwhelmed with interest. Apparently there are a lot folks that appreciate the surly humor just as much as I do! And presto the sassy collection was born!

I started getting multiple prints from this particular designer and even submitted special requests to her. Many of the pet themed sassy prints were by my request. I'm so grateful she was able to accommodate these request because I don't really have the artistic genius or time to create my own fabric designs...best leave that to the professionals IMO!

We now have over 20 items in the sassy collection...from bandanas to bow ties to cat toys to face masks. And COMING SOON...sassy themed project bags! I'm so excited about these and will post more info about them soon. I'm hoping to have them ready in time for holiday shopping.

Stay Sassy!

XOXO, Jessica + Ellie

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