Happy birthday super kicker cat toy with silvervine and  catnip

Happy Birthday Super Kicker 10" Silvervine Catnip Cat Toy

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Made with extra tough eco canvas...ready to withstand extra abuse from your kitty! Filled with a catnip and silvervine blend. The purrfect gift for your feline friend.

Approximately 10" x 2” 

Filled with poly fill and catnip or silvervine. The catnip and silvervine are fresh and organically grown in Washington state. If you are unfamiliar with silvervine it is a different plant than catnip but produces the same effects. There are different enzymes in it than catnip and for this reason it can affect cats that don’t typically react to catnip! It’s worth a shot to try for your fur baby!

Silvervine has a significant cost difference from catnip and has a slight higher retail.