Eco-Friendly Practices

We are eco friendly here at AEC!  

Shortly after I started this business I switched to eco friendly options for all our packaging and mailers. There can be so much waste involved in ordering and shipping items online so you'll notice, when you order from AEC, that the packaging is very simple. I try to cut out the amount that you have to throw away.  Even though packaging is simple, I can assure you that a lot of thought and care is behind that.

See below for detailed info on our sustainable measures taken at AEC.

  • 100% recycled mailers. Dual adhesive strips allow you to reuse this mailer after you have received your items from us!  These can also be recycled where plastic grocery bags are accepted. 50% post consumer content. Made in the USA.
  • Our order cards are made from sustainably sourced paper and if printed with non toxic, biodegradable inks.
  • All shipping tape we use is plant based and biodegradable.
  • AEC logo stickers are certified compostable and have recyclable adhesive. Made in the USA. As of March 2022, these stickers are made with recycled paper, have recycle friendly adhesive, and have a zero waste/recycle liner.
  • We use zero waste shippings labels. 100% recyclable, made with recycle compatible adhesive. Release liner that is 100% recycled and curbside recyclable with a recycle-friendly adhesive!
Most of these items we get from Ecoenclose!