Get to know us!

Jessica Nohealani

I am the owner and maker at AEC. I started this business in May 2019 after having so much fun styling Miss Ellie in accessories. I learned how to sew with an old Kenmore sewing machine that I inherited from my mom. She used this machine to do alterations when she was in college in the early 80s! I now have 2 modern sewing machines and the Kenmore is now retired.

In sewing, I found an amazing and therapeutic hobby that has now turned into an official small business! Every item is lovingly created by yours truly from my home studio in Beaverton, Oregon. Every item is created with a lot of thought and detail.

I am originally from Maui, Hawaii which is where the shop gets its Aloha flair. I also spent a parts of my life in Alaska and Oregon. 

Many don't know this but I also work full time in food sales and marketing and have a background in bakery, candy making, cake decorating, specialty cheese, and coffee. I also went to culinary school 20 years ago! Needless to say...I consider food one of my hobbies!

Another fun fact...after taking a hiatus from the food industry I moved back to Hawaii (from Oregon) and became a snorkel and swim guide taking tourists out snorkeling with wild dolphins and manta rays in the beautiful waters off Kona. I also worked at a Kona coffee farm during this time.

The pic below is from my swim guide days in Kona!

Some of my hobbies include: cross stitch, sewing, food, cocktails, reading, running, hiking, and gardening.

Miss Ellie

I adopted Miss Ellie in September 2018. She is now 14.5 years old and one of the sweetest and spunkiest kitties I've ever met. She inspires me everyday and brings so much joy to my life!

Some of her hobbies include: napping, getting brushed, hanging out with meowm and cat dad, Churu treats, being a pretty princess.